Shared Hosting

Choose a shared solution to meet the exact needs of your application, from Linux, Windows hosting to high performance MSSQL hosting.

All packages come with 24x7 telephonic support and 100% network uptime guaranteed.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud computing, storage and content delivery built on our automated platform.

Exceptional scalability and flexibility without sacrificing performance or security.

Dedicated Hosting

Choose a dedicated solution to meet the exact needs of your application, from basic web hosting to powerful, high-performance computing. On-demand.


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From customer support associates to automated tools, forums, articles and tutorials, quickly find the answer to any question.

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Real-time Deployment
Your time is valuable. With our automated platform, your server will be deployed in about two hours so you can put it to work quickly. Our on-demand deployment also includes additional services (firewalls, load balancers, etc.) either as part of your initial order or whenever you need to add them.

Month-to-month Contracts
As your operations grow and change, so do your infrastructure needs. All our services are provided on month-to-month contracts, so you only pay for what you need, as long as you need, and can scale or upgrade your environment without having to renegotiate or terminate a long-term commitment.

Seamless Integration with CloudLayer Computing Instances
Seamlessly integrate and manage dedicated servers and cloud servers with just one management system, account, and bill with our fully-automated platform. You have the freedom to truly pair the power and performance of dedicated servers to the scalability and flexibility of virtual systems without compromise or inconvenience.

Flex Images™ Server Deployment System
With Flex Images, our next-generation image capture and deployment technology, you can capture images from cloud or dedicated servers, store them in a single image library, and then deploy them on either kind of system. So you can manage dedicated servers with capabilities that have historically only been available with virtual infrastructure—like the ability to quickly clone and reload servers—or easily migrate between server types.

High-speed and Advanced Global Network
Our global network (13 data centers and 16 network points of presence) features more than 2,000G of connectivity. It's built from best-in-class networking infrastructure, hardware, and software. It also has exceptional bandwidth and connectivity for the highest speed and reliability.

Comprehensive Server Security
We take security seriously. Our comprehensive security strategy maximizes your server's uptime, protects your private information, and reduces business risk. We ensure your data's safety with certified operational procedures, a wide range of software and hardware security solutions, and strategic partnerships with key security companies.

24/7 Support
If you have a hosting, server, or account issue, we have a dedicated support team and trained, certified engineers on site 24/7 resolve it quickly.