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Dimensions Software offers on-demand Consulting Services to facilitate our customers in creating and maintaining a competitive edge. Our teams of dedicated consultants and experts, provide customized solutions to meet the needs of our customers in highly specialized areas, to create a trajectory of enduring results.

Product and Services Development

Our clients benefit greatly from the substantial experience of our Products and Services consulting team across a vast breadth of industries ranging from manufacturing, commerce, healthcare, automation, finance, entertainment, advertising, communication, and travel.

Our consultants have a proven record of producing excellent results by adopting a partnership approach with our clients in highly specialized segments of Products and Services development, such as: Defining key concepts, rollout strategies, customer and market analysis, competitive strategies, pricing strategies, integration of 3rd party technologies, and overall product development life-cycle optimization.

Software Integration and Processes Optimization

Our Software Integration and Process Optimization consulting team has proven to be a highly crucial asset to our clients in today’s highly competitive and fast-paced world of software products, regardless of whether these products are for the consumer market, or tools for our client’s internal processes.

Having access to our dedicated team helps our clients make confident technology decisions in streamlining workflows, planning agile release cycles, automation, machine learning and algorithms optimization, systems architecture, resource identification, optimizing cost structures, infrastructure expandability and scalability, and IT integration.

Communication Platforms Optimization

Most businesses today experience the increasing pressures of rapidly changing markets and environments, and evolving user needs. The importance of measuring the impact of their efforts, and the significance of communicating that information in real-time to decision makers and stakeholders has never been greater.

Our highly specialized consultants work closely with our customers to develop tools, methodologies and processes to enhance team engagement, optimize information and data channels, establish best practices,
streamline existing communications ecosystems, aggregate and process data efficiently, customize real-time reports, and compile and share relevant data for better decision making.

Marketing Platforms Optimization

For most businesses today, customers are a source of measurable growth. In today’s highly competitive market environment, in-depth customer insights and perceptive marketing strategies are an absolute requirement to captivate the attention and interests of potential new customers.

Our experienced specialists have practical expertise in global, domestic, and local markets. Our marketing consultants work in-step with our customers to create sustainable and organic growth of their customer base. Our marketing team deploys sophisticated processes to develop a deep understanding of the needs and behaviors of our customer’s target market through practices such as advanced analytics and testing, granular segmentation, intelligent brand placement, and product promotion, and effective messaging through digital, social, event, and traditional marketing channels.

Web & Mobile Applications

In a world that is heavily focused on mobility and constant connectivity, our applications development team is made up of highly specialized and professionals with years of experience in providing so ware driven solutions to businesses in a diverse range of industries, to maximize their offerings, and optimize their productivity.

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Whether you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, a developer, a designer, a publisher, or an innovator, our hosting solutions offer a simple and cost effective way to get your vision and projects up and running in the shortest amount of time.

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Shared Hosting

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Cloud Hosting

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Dedicated Hosting

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