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About Dimensions Software

About Dimensions Software Private Limited

Dimensions Software® began in 1998 with the sole objective to provide a user-friendly, affordable, one stop solution to help businesses, entrepreneurs, innovators, and designers in bringing their visions and ideas to life.

In our two and a half decades of business, through our commitment and dedication to our clients, we have evolved to offer the best web-hosting and web development there is in the market today.

Our Track Record

We host more than 8,000 websites from all over the world on our 24×7 uptime web services, and we continue to satisfy our clients with cutting edge website and web applications to suit their needs and budget.

Our clients can rest assured that our services are personalized to their specific needs. We take particular interest to understand their goals, so that we can assist them with a streamlined set of customized solutions for their success.

We have a proven track record of top notch performance and our quick and responsive customer service, that has gained us the trust of our satisfied customer base.

Our Skills and Talent

At Dimensions Software®, our true talent comes from our experienced employees who continuously go through rigorous training and specialization to ensure that our services and offerings to our customers is up-to-date, and sustained at the highest levels of quality. Our services and performance reflect our passion for new technology & ideas, and our constant strive to deliver only top quality services to our customers.

Our Locations

Our offices are located in India and the USA, and we’re growing to establish our presence in more locations.

Our Executive Team

Parag Parulekar: VP of Business Development, founded Dimensions Software® in 1998 and oversees client acquisition, products & services strategies, and the sales & marketing team. Through Parag’s leadership, the Business Development team at Dimensions is a well-tuned and experienced group which exhibits a sharp understanding of the markets, the protocols, and needs of a wide variety of industries. With this understanding and knowledge, the Business Development team not only helps Dimensions remain competitive by identifying, assessing, and developing new business opportunities, but more importantly, can provide top-notch solutions and satisfaction to all of Dimensions clients, and ultimately place them at a competitive advantage.

Joseph Taylor: VP of Engineering & Technology Services, oversees the Dimensions engineering team, and the research & development team. Joseph’s team of engineers are the backbone of the technology that drives the products developed by Dimensions Software.

Joseph’s has had a 16-year career in software development, with specialization in web-based software, and architecture. His experience as the lead engineer, and lead systems architect for a variety of high-end projects in online gaming, interactive portals, database aggregation systems, advertising management systems, and communication systems, provides him the unique ability to lead the engineering processes, and technical research & development at Dimensions Software with vision and focus.

Meherdil Irani: VP of Product Development & Interactive Experience, oversees the Dimensions product research and design team, Human Factors research team, and User Experience development team. Under his leadership, Dimensions has an excellent history for delivering cutting-edge products that exceed the expectations of our customers.

Meherdil brings his experience of a 25-year career in Software Products & Software Services development, out of which he spent 15 years in various executive management positions. Meherdil’s expertise spans product design and development for a variety of industries such as finance, manufacturing, video games, entertainment, human resources, advertising, and communications.

Bijal Patel: VP of Operations & Solution Ideation, oversees the team for Ideation of new products and all operations of Dimensions. His Leadership has provided Dimensions with a new array of products targeted at under-serviced individuals and small-scale businesses.

Bijal is and has been a serial entrepreneur for over 25 years. He set up and oversaw the team for a Swiss/German company to develop a heat- exchanger calculation and design software. He helped ideate and led the development team to create an automated audio recording, multi-tiered file transfer & distribution, daily report, and monthly invoice generation system for use by clinics, hospitals, and even law firms in the US, UK, and Australia to aid their transcription requirements. Currently, he is ideating an app to service some very specific needs of individual and micro businesses. This rich and varied experience is what fuels his passion for product ideation and drives his operational endeavors.

Our Partners

  • IBM
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Ubuntu
  • Red Hat
  • Microsoft sql server
  • Mysql

Web & Mobile Applications

In a world that is heavily focused on mobility and constant connectivity, our applications development team is made up of highly specialized and professionals with years of experience in providing software driven solutions to businesses in a diverse range of industries, to maximize their offerings, and optimize their productivity.

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Whether you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, a developer, a designer, a publisher, or an innovator, our hosting solutions offer a simple and cost effective way to get your vision and projects up and running in the shortest amount of time.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting

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Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

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Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

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Consulting Services

It's is vital for any business to stay aligned with the current trends of it's target market. Whether your business goals are strong brand-bulding, increased product sales, optimized operations, or a strong social media presence, our specialized team of experienced consultants enable you to develop effective, optiomized, sustainable and scalable solutions for your business goals.

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