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Web & Applications Development

Dimensions has a proven record of combining design and technology to deliver innovative web sites and web application to fit the needs of our clients. By carefully paying attention to our customer’s needs, we are able to leverage the experience of our team to find effective solutions to complex problems.

Our team of specialized designers and coders are passionate about the work that we produce, but most of all we take pride in providing our customers an experience of easy collaboration and effective solutions.

We realize that the web, and web-based technology is constantly evolving and can make it difficult for businesses to keep up with — which is why our team of highly specialized engineers work hard to ensure that infrastructure costs for our customers stay at economical levels, while providing all the cutting-edge tools necessary to increase their return on investment.

We work hard to bring to life the valuable ideas and dreams of our customers. Our design and development team, are specialized experts in all core areas of website development such as:

  • Graphic Design
  • Interactive Design
  • User Interface and User Experience Design
  • Programming and Server Technologies
  • Multimedia + Audio-Visual Design
  • Copywriting
  • Search Engine Optimization

Our web design services include:

  • Content Management Systems
  • Interactive + Multimedia Content Development
  • Microsites
  • Corporate Presentations
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Server Technologies + Server Administration
  • Hosting

Web marketing


For a business to be successful, it has to build a strong outreach to its potential market, and maintain engaging relationships with its current customers.

At Dimensions, our specialized marketing teams work with our clients to understand their target markets though data gathering and data analysis, to leverage the power of brand promotion, traditional media, social media, search engine optimization, and web advertising.

Branding: A strong brand is one of the most valued assets of any business today. It is a tool though which a business is recognized by it’s customer base and potential customers.

A good brand will accurately portray a business’s core offerings and core values, while being easily recognizable and engaging.

Because first impressions matter, our Creative Team at Dimensions employs a thorough understanding of target markets, and develops recognizable brands that are accurate to the voice, personality, product offerings, and core values of a business.

Brand Promotion: Our marketing specialists tactfully employ traditional and web based channels to stimulate awareness about a business or product. These channels include print, web banner ads, pay per click ads, blogs, social media, web-based events, audio-visual content, and blogs.

Social Media Marketing: The Dimensions social media group has a proven track record in engaging the customers of our clients in meaningful conversation, while maintaining a two way dialogue that keeps the customers informed with relevant information, and represents our clients and their businesses in an approachable light.

Search Engine Optimization: Our SEO specialists have a proven track record in increasing relevant traffic to the websites of our customers by employing conversion driven strategies to boost organic Google rankings. Our results speak for themselves because we engage in a long-term outlook with methods that are unique and long lasting.

Web Advertising: Internet and web advertising is one of the fastest and effective ways to reach the target market for any business, product or service. Because our advertising team comprises of data analysts, programmers, coders, marketing strategies and creatives, we are able to deploy successful data driven internet marketing campaigns that have a track record of producing a high return on investment.

UI UX design and development

UI/UX Design:

At Dimensions our specialized UI/UX team has extensive experience in creating cutting edge and intuitive User Interfaces by employing the science of human factors to understanding the psychology of the target user or target market.

Designing a successful user interface depends on blending a few vital components to bring out an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing method through which a user can access the features and functions of a website, desktop software, mobile app, or kiosk.

These vital components are:

Interaction design is a process through which engaging interfaces are created to provide intuitive access to the features and functions of a particular website, software, app or kiosk.

Visual design which focuses on the look and feel of an interface to create visual enhancements, and focus on the interactive elements.

Web & Mobile Applications

In a world that is heavily focused on mobility and constant connectivity, our applications development team is made up of highly specialized and professionals with years of experience in providing software driven solutions to businesses in a diverse range of industries, to maximize their offerings, and optimize their productivity.

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Whether you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, a developer, a designer, a publisher, or an innovator, our hosting solutions offer a simple and cost effective way to get your vision and projects up and running in the shortest amount of time.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting

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Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

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Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

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Consulting Services

It's is vital for any business to stay aligned with the current trends of it's target market. Whether your business goals are strong brand-bulding, increased product sales, optimized operations, or a strong social media presence, our specialized team of experienced consultants enable you to develop effective, optiomized, sustainable and scalable solutions for your business goals.

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