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DS Dedicated Server hosting

DS Dedicated Hosting – Sometimes you need the raw horsepower of Bare Metal

If you’re building a hybrid or distributed architecture, our global private network lets you deploy cloud servers in Singapore and dedicated servers in San Jose and communicate between them as if they were in the same rack, with no back-end network charges or additional connectivity products to buy.


Real-time deployment
Your time is valuable. With our automated platform, your server will be deployed in about two hours so you can put it to work quickly. Our on-demand deployment also includes additional services (firewalls, load balancers, etc.) either as part of your initial order or whenever you need to add them.

Month-to-month contracts
As your operations grow and change, so do your infrastructure needs. All our services are provided on month-to-month contracts, so you only pay for what you need, as long as you need, and can scale or upgrade your environment without having to renegotiate or terminate a long-term commitment.

Seamless Integration with cloud server instances
Seamlessly integrate and manage dedicated servers and cloud servers with just one management system, account, and bill with our fully-automated platform. You have the freedom to truly pair the power and performance of dedicated servers to the scalability and flexibility of virtual systems without compromise or inconvenience.

High-speed and advanced global network
Our global network (13 data centers and 16 network points of presence) features more than 2,000G of connectivity. It’s built from best-in-class networking infrastructure, hardware, and software. It also has exceptional bandwidth and connectivity for the highest speed and reliability.

Comprehensive server security
We take security seriously. Our comprehensive security strategy maximizes your server’s uptime, protects your private information, and reduces business risk. We ensure your data’s safety with certified operational procedures, a wide range of software and hardware security solutions, and strategic partnerships with key security companies.

Standard features

All Dimensions Software® servers come with a comprehensive set of features and services — one of the industry’s best.

With these features included at no additional cost, you can accelerate deployment and optimize your total cost of operations.

• 500GB/month Outbound Public Bandwidth
• Unlimited and free Inbound Public Bandwidth
• Free Private Network (Server-to-Server)Bandwidth
• 100Mbps Public & Private Ports
• Private VLAN via Public & Private Network
• Geographically Redundant DNS
• Server-to-server Connectivity
• IPv4 & IPv6 Addresses
• Learn more about our Network

• CentOS
• Debian
• Red Hat
• Ubuntu
• Cloudera Hadoop
• FreeBSD
• Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition
• Citrix XenServer
• See all available software

• 24/7 Online and Phone Support
• 24/7 Data Center Staffing
• Trouble Ticketing System
• Advanced Resolution System

Web Portal, API, & Mobile Apps
• Accounting and Billing Information
• Automated OS Reloads
• Hardware Identification
• Advanced System Reporting
• Public & Private Bandwidth Graphs
• Remote Reboot & Console Access
• Uplink Port Speed Control
• User Management
• Learn more about our Automation and Control

• Red Hat® Update Servers
• Windows® Update Servers
• Infrastructure Support Servers
• RescueLayer (rescue kernel)
• DNS Resolvers
• PassMark BurnIn Test Certification
• Nimsoft Monitoring
• Digital Transcoding

Dimensions Software® strategic relationships with Microsoft®, Red Hat®, Odin(Formerly Parallels®) and cPanel® provide month-to-month rentals on both 32- or 64-bit compatible software, provisioned using each vendor’s best practices guidelines to ensure maximum stability and uptime.

Operating Systems Software Dimensions Software® offers enterprise 32- and 64-bit operating systems from various vendors (many at no additional monthly cost. Each operating system’s offerings include free update services via vendor supplied private update servers located inside our private network. This allows for secure, timely updates without utilizing public bandwidth allotments.

Operating Systems
• CentOS
• Debian
• FreeBSD
• Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server
• Ubuntu
• Vyatta Network
• CloudLinux
• Microsoft

Control Panel Software Control panel software can be preloaded on dedicated servers at the time of install by Dimensions Software®. These control panel software packages provide a GUI interface useful to those with little server administration experience by assisting with the setup and administration of the server. Multiple choices are available to suit different operating system choices.

Control Panels
• cPanel/WHM with Fantastico, RVSkin and Softaculous
• Odin Plesk Panel (Formerly Parallels)

Database Software
Dimensions Software® can preload SQL and NoSQL database software onto your server at the time of install or at any time during the life of your server. We offer Microsoft SQL, a scalable, cost-effective data management software and MySQL, and open source relational database. For NoSQL big data solutions, we offer MongoDB—an open source document-oriented database, Riak by Basho—a fault tolerant distributed database, and Hadoop by Cloudera — a 100% open source software that enables distributed parallel processing of huge amounts of data.

• Microsoft SQL Server (2005, 2008, 2012, 2014)
• Cloudera Hadoop
• MongoDB by MongoDB, Inc.
• IBM Cloud Analysis
• Basho Riak

DS Cloud Hosting

DSCloud Hosting – Discover the promise of the cloud

Transform your business with the power, flexibility, scalability, and security of DSCloud Services. You don’t have to spend big to give your business the competitive edge with the DSCloud storage and content delivery systems built on our automated platform.

DSCloud cloud services bundles virtual servers, remote storage, and a robust content delivery network that puts our feature-packed, automated, on-demand, and self-managed infrastructure at your fingertips.


In today’s economy, flexibility is the key to success. DSCloud services scale with ease and reliability to meet your unique business requirements giving you control, and the ability to adjust your IT spending to match your needs and budget.


We take the security of your data very seriously, so you can rest assured that your data on the DSCloud infrastructure is more secure than a server room.

Cost Management

Control and adjust your IT spending based on your unique needs. Reduce your maintenance spending on servers, software and updates. Do away with the hidden costs of software implementation, customization, and hardware replacement. Pay only for the resources you use with no contract.

Customized Cloud Servers

Choose a virtual server configuration or customize one that meets your business, performance, and budget requirements.

Rapid Deployment

We understand that the speed of infrastructure setup is crucial to the success of any business. So we work very hard to help you set up your cloud server, storage, and CDN in as little as five minutes.

True Hybrid Environments

Every CloudLayer service seamlessly integrates with Dimensions Software® dedicated servers, and automated cloud services with dedicated resources using a unified private network, API, and management system.

Standards Compliant and Universally Accessible

Connect, access, and manage your information and data from anywhere in the world using our standards-compliant infrastructure.

Scale your computing resources on demand

Each cloud server is based on 2.0GHz (or faster) processor, and comes with an operating system of your choice. Access multiple server image templates for fast deployment and leverage the power our proprietary Flex Images technology to capture an image of any dedicated or cloud server, and deploy that image on any type of system. Flex Images technology also let you store, share, or publish images from a single image library.

Choose a cloud server best suited to your needs with Public, Private, Bare Metal Cloud options, and local or SAN-based primary storage.

Custom configure your cloud server cores, RAM and storage capacity with a finer level of granular control using our one-of-a-kind Build Your Own Cloud server tool.

Move your storage from one cloud instance to another using Portable Storage Volumes as a secondary storage solution.

Summary of Key Advantages

  • 2.0GHz (or faster) cores
  • Fast Deployment
  • 250GB Outbound Bandwidth (included)
  • Unlimited Incoming Bandwidth (included)
  • Seamless Integration with Dedicated Local or SAN-based Storage
  • Portable Storage Volumes
  • Automated Recovery Options
  • 24×7 Phone Support
DS Shared Hosting

DS Shared Hosting – Scale Your Computing Resources On Demand

We understand how important a quick-loading and secure website is to any business—which is why our shared hosting service provides a powerful, secure, fast, and reliable platform for your web projects.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, a developer, a designer, a publisher, or an innovator, each of our shared hosting solutions offer a quick, simple and cost effective way to get your vision and web projects up and running in the shortest amount of time.

All shared hosting packages come with 24×7 phone support, and our full-time server monitoring system guarantees 100% network uptime.

Features Included:

Web-based Control Panel

A user-friendly way for you to manage your account and billing information, create email addresses and mailboxes, contact tech support, create MySQL databases, install WordPress, Joomla and Drupal content management systems and more.

Unlimited Email Accounts

Create and manage unlimited email accounts with POP/IMAP/SMTP support. Set up unlimited auto-responders for each of your email accounts.

PHP and MySQL Support

Create MySQL databases on the fly via the user-friendly control panel, and rest assured that your PHP apps and websites are fully supported.

Mailing Lists

For those web projects that have marketing needs, easily set up, curate, and maintain mailing lists.

Website Statistics – AWStats, Webalizer

Analyze your web traffic and optimize your projects with detailed statistics about your projects using tools like AWStats and Webalizer.

Raw Log Manager + Referred & Error Logs

Get a detailed view into the performance of your web project with easy access to our built-in log manager.

Free Website & Domain Transfer

Move your web projects from your current host, and your domain names from your current registrar to our shared hosting services for absolutely no charge.

WordPress, Joomla and Drupal support

Automatically install WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal with ease and get your web projects moving immediately—Or, install a CMS of your choice without hassle.

Web-Based File Management

No need for an FTP client! Manage your web project files with the convenience of our web-based file management system.

Password-Protected Directories

The security of your data and files is of utmost importance to us, so we take every measure possible to protect your assets, while giving you the added control of setting up password protected directories for your web projects.

Daily Backups

Eliminate the fear of loosing your precious data when you set up daily backups from your control panel.

Comprehensive server security
We take security seriously. Our comprehensive security strategy maximizes your server’s uptime, protects your private information, and reduces business risk. We ensure your data’s safety with certified operational procedures, a wide range of software and hardware security solutions, and strategic partnerships with key security companies.

Web & Mobile Applications

In a world that is heavily focused on mobility and constant connectivity, our applications development team is made up of highly specialized and professionals with years of experience in providing software driven solutions to businesses in a diverse range of industries, to maximize their offerings, and optimize their productivity.

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Consulting Services

It's is vital for any business to stay aligned with the current trends of it's target market. Whether your business goals are strong brand-bulding, increased product sales, optimized operations, or a strong social media presence, our specialized team of experienced consultants enable you to develop effective, optiomized, sustainable and scalable solutions for your business goals.

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